My Books

Here you will find all published books in English by Richard Gavette.

Behind Closed Eyes is Richard’s first book written in Englsih. The book has an existential theme and Richard invites the reader to his inner world.

The book consists of songs and poems that Richard has written during the first five years when he has been living behind closed eyes in the cave.

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The Little Book of the Big Questions is a book different from other books. As the title tells, the book consists of questions that the readers ask themselves and thereafter answers.

The power of questions should not be underestimated. Like keys, they unlock the doors to our inner rooms.

The book is a practical tool and helps the readers get to know themselves even better.

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From My Heart was written by Richard as a gift of love to a person that means the world to him.

It is a beautiful and romantic book that consists of poems and songs that together depict a journey of love through both joy and sorrow.

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The book Tao was born from a musical piece with the same name, which Richard wrote and recorded in the summer of 2013 after he for the first time had read the book Tao Te Ching written by Lao Tzu. There was something in the Taoist teachings that activated the creativity within him. Its wisdom and mystery moved him deeply.

When Richard, more than seven years later, by chance rediscovered the musical piece, which had completely fallen into oblivion, the texts that would become this book came to him.

The book is Richard’s personal interpretation of the Taoist teachings – a philosophy that has been of great help to him in dealing with the difficulties that he has encountered in his life.

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We’re Running Blind is a sincere book. With poetry as his tool, Richard raises awareness of the madness of our human world, but his intention is also to shed light on some of the beauty, magic and solutions that are there for us, all the time

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Echoes from the Cave is a beautiful and gripping book. With poetry as his tool, Richard depicts a journey with a disease that has deprived him most of his adult life. It is a book about joy and sorrow. Hope mingels with despair. Wishful yearning dancess with lament for what is lost.

Richard opens his heart for the reader and leaves no one unaffected.

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Whispers into the Night is a sincere and generous book. Richard shares his poems and songs that he has written over the years when he, due to his illness, has been living isolated from the outside world.

The book is an expression of Richard’s inner world and the creativity that flows freely within him.

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